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Improving communities on the road, in work and at home...

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Cycling & Walking

TTC Cycle Experience is the UK’s leading cycle training and cycling promotion specialist, delivering nationally accredited cycling and walking programmes and workshops to help get more children and adults cycling and walking safely and more often.

TTC’s cycling and walking programmes are delivered with passion by experts who ensure pupils, students, staff and communities stay safe on and off the road – it’s why our programmes were delivered to over 25,000 members of the UK community last year and continue to grow every single year.

We know that cycle and walking training and promotion is only great if it’s simple, smart, fast and widely adopted. That’s why we deliver fun yet effective cycle training and cycling promotion initiatives both in the classroom and outdoors.

We’ve been at the forefront of cycling and walking training and promotion for over 10 years. We’re equally strong in classroom training as on the road and our national team of qualified instructors have extensive experience delivering our National Standard Cycle Training accredited programmes to both children and adults and both public and private sectors.

We offer Cycling & Walking Training Programmes for all ages from pre-school right through to workplace commuting, including:

  • Balance and Ride;
  • Try Cycling;
  • Try-Out Cycling Roadshows;
  • Bikeability and Bikeability Plus training;
  • Cycle Maintenance;
  • Buckle Up;
  • Footsteps;
  • and Smart Walk.

TTC Cycle Experience provides everyone with the opportunity to try cycling and give them the necessary skills to cycle and walk safely, be it to and from school or work.

Cycling & Walking Promotion

Our cycling and walking promotional workshops will help your communities understand the benefits of cycling and walking to improve personal health and how it contributes positively to a more sustainable approach to transport in our communities

Safety First

There’s no doubt that cycling and walking is better for your health than driving and with the right training, that’s accredited and delivered expertly, it can be safer too.

Safer Cyclists and Pedestrians, Safer Communities.

Do the right thing by your people

Cycling and walking will improve the health and fitness and well-being of your students and employees and it is FUN.

Do the right thing for your community

Professional cycling and walking training and road safety awareness reduces traffic on local roads and makes for safer and more sustainable and environmentally friendly communities

Do the right thing for your organisation

Everyone likes organisations that look after their people and their community as well as their bottom-line. With TTC Cycle Experience cycle training and cycle awareness programmes you can be assured of choice, quality and value.


Our national team of Regional Managers and their Instructors are on-hand to provide cycle training and cycle awareness programmes locally, no matter where you are in the UK.


Our experienced staff have delivered hundreds of accredited programmes to thousands of cyclists and walkers on behalf of the UKs largest organisations.


Whatever your goals, TTC Cycle Experience will get you there using proven training techniques with programmes designed to meet your objectives, in the easiest, simplest way possible for cost effectiveness and ultra-efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about TTC’s Balanceability please visit our dedicated website by clicking here or please speak to one of our specialists on 0330 024 1783.

If you would like to learn more about TTC Cycle Experience please visit our dedicated website by clicking here or please speak to one of our specialists on 0330 024 1783.


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