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Learning & Development Services for Local Authorities

At TTC we understand the unique set of challenges Local Authorities face when it comes to training and developing their employees.

With around 1 in 5 (5.5 million) of the total working population employed in the public sector, 2.6 million of these in Local Government, training and development needs to be relevant to the widest range of abilities and job roles.  Furthermore, as job opportunities in the public sector decline, at the same time as opportunities are increasing in the private sector, Local Authorities need to develop and retain their best staff more than ever.

TTC is the UK’s leading provider of Learning & Development Services for Local Authorities and private sector businesses and organisations that recognise the value of improving personal and professional knowledge, accountability and responsibility.

We provide the training and the tools to help successfully unlock personal and team potential to ensure greater outcomes and positive impact on communities inside and outside your Local Authority – which is why our programmes are delivered to more than 50,000 people every year.

Learning & Development Services for Local Authorities include:

  • Training to Handle Press & Radio Interviews.  As public servants Local Authority employees are often asked to give press and radio interviews.  This one day practical course, delivered by a seasoned journalist and experienced PR specialist will ensure that your Local Authority spokesperson will be able to  speak to the press or give radio interviews in a professional way, ensuring that your Local Authority messages are conveyed clearly and accurately to the communities you serve.
  • Radio & Television Interview Skills Training.  This course is delivered over two half-days as a practical workshop where designated Local Authority employees can hone their skills and techniques to give confident and effective media interviews in a range of typical live and pre-recorded interview situations.
  • Training to Handle Media Interviews in a Crisis.  With the issues that Local Authority employees deal with on a daily basis crisis management training is essential.  This practical one-day course is designed for Local Authority employees who could find themselves in the spotlight at a time of intense media attention around an unfolding crisis situation.
  • Training to Deal with Media Enquiries.  This is a valuable course for any local government employee that is based in a frontline role.  This role will help the employee to identify media enquiries and how to deal with them within the policies and procedures set out in your Local Authority.
  • Presentations Skills Training.  The ability to speak confidently and deliver a persuasive message is an essential skill for many Local Authority employees. This one-day course provides the opportunity to significantly improve your public speaking skills.
  • Presentation Skills Training – Train the Trainer.  A practical two-day course to help managers, team leaders and others to acquire the skills and techniques to become effective trainers so that they can help others to progress their jobs and careers;
  • Customer Care Training.  A practical one-day course suitable for anyone working in local government in a public facing role, and those who are more experienced and want to refresh their skills in face-to-face and telephone communications.
  • Training to Meet the Needs of Customers with a Disability.  This one-day course will help managers within Local Authorities to design and implement policies and working practices that support the needs of customers and clients with a disability.
  • Training to Support Customers with a Disability.  Reception and frontline staff are often worried doing or saying the wrong thing. This practical half-day course will help all frontline staff confidently deliver a best practice service to customers with a disability.
  • Training in How to Handle Difficult Customers.  Balancing the needs of the public and the needs of the Local Authority is a tough task. This practical one-day course is designed to build the self-confidence of front line staff who deal directly with the public in the office or out on site.
  • Training in How to Deal with Aggressive People.  This practical one-day course will help anyone – who may be exposed to aggression – develop the ability to diffuse potentially violent and aggressive situations.

We have the tools and the experience to ensure you maximise the potential of every one by improving practical skills, increasing their ability to contribute as a positive team member and impacting outcomes for themselves and others.

If you would like to learn more about TTC’s learning and development service please speak to one of our specialists on 0333 043 1122.


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