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Police & Court Referred Driving Courses

We deliver a wide range of driver education courses to more than 330,000 clients throughout the UK on behalf of the Police, central and local Government departments, and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service:

  • National Speed Awareness Course – The National Speed Awareness Course is a half-day classroom based workshop to help participants recognise speed limits, address the reasons for speeding and reduce the likelihood of speeding in the future. There are up to 24 people on each course and 2 course trainers.

  • Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course – The Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme is designed to change behaviours to prevent the attendee reoffending, and to become a safer driver when they return to diving following their mandatory ban period. The course takes around 16 hours to complete and is usually completed over 3 sessions. We deliver Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses at 155 venues throughout the UK.
  • Alcohol Diversion Scheme – This is an interactive classroom based 2 hour workshop held in a relaxed environment, where attendees gain an understanding of the longer term effects of drinking, the potential risks to themselves and others in alcohol fuelled situations, alcohol units, and how to identify and avoid risk situations.
  • Seat Belt Awareness Course – The Seat Belt Awareness Course is an alternative to court prosecution and is offered to some drivers who are deemed to have been involved in ‘driving without due care and attention’ incidents. The course is held over one day involving an interactive workshop combined with in-car coaching and aims and to help drivers explore their attitudes and perceptions towards safer driving and to identify what puts them at risk.
  • National ‘What’s Driving Us?’ – The What’s Driving Us? scheme gives Police Forces the discretion to offer drivers who commit selected road traffic offences (such as using a mobile phone when driving) the opportunity to attend a course as an alternative to potential prosecution, or the Fixed Penalty system of a fine and penalty points. The course is classroom based and takes place in one session taking around 3½ hours.
  • National Rider Intervention Developing Experience (RIDE) Scheme – The RIDE Scheme is offered by the Police to motorcyclists who have been involved in behaviour that is deemed to be thrill or sensation seeking. The RIDE, 5 hour classroom-based course invites offenders to question their own assumptions about their ability to ride a motorcycle and to alert them to the vulnerability that reckless, careless or anti-social riding can attract.
  • Seat Belt Awareness Course – The Seat Belt Awareness Course gives drivers and adult passengers the opportunity to complete an educational workshop as an alternative to paying a fine, if they have been caught driving without wearing a seat belt. The Seat Belt Awareness Course is a classroom-based course that takes around 90 minutes to complete.
  • Victim Awareness Course – The Victim Awareness Course successfully delivers a message about the impact and potential impact of crime on victims, the consequences or potential consequences to those who commit crime and explains what Restorative Justice is and its benefits. Each course is interactive and we make use of a range of media and recognise the varying learning ability of delegates.

Outsourced Middle and Back Office Services

We provide a complete end-to-end solution for police forces outsourcing driver related training interventions and management of driver offenders. Our services cover planning, transitioning, implementing, tracking and managing contact centre and back-office services.

Our services include:

  • Contact centre
  • Phone and email communication channels
  • Course booking over the phone and online
  • Real-time tracking of cases
  • Tracking, reporting and data analysis to improve efficiencies and enhance the client experience
  • Secure processing of payments by telephone
  • Online secure payment processing 24/7
  • Data handling compliant / ISO 27001
  • Logistics planning
  • Helpdesk support
  • Monthly statistical updates and quarterly qualitative analysis with your contract manager
  • Call recording and customer feedback performance reporting

If an offender fails to attend a course it always results in a court appearance. We are proud to say that we have never been called to court and an offender has never contested a prosecution because our case recording process is accurate and our audit trail is robust.

We’ve been providing Police and Court Referred Driver Offender booking, case management and training for police forces throughout the UK for more than 15 years.

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